A woman from Hyderabad, name Triptasree Ghosh decided to share her story after reading about the recent ‘mass molestation’ in Bengaluru and the incident she narrated first appeared in The Logical Indian.

While going on a Bus from Hyderabad to Hampi in Karnataka with her companion, the two were uncomfortably touched and rubbed against by the conductor whom she taught a lesson he’d always remember. The two had booked transport tickets to and from Hampi and had decided on night travel. While on their way, Gosh’s companion, who was thinking about the walkway side felt something touching her. She imparted it to Ghosh, however, wasn’t certain if it was the conductor so didn’t gripe.

Incidentally, on their way back, the two got a similar bus with a similar conductor yet this time, Ghosh chose to take the path situate. She felt the same and caught the man in the act. What she did next merits an acclaim. She told that “I got this present man’s hand and shouted at him. The conductor began apologizing and ran towards the transport driver. I didn’t let out the slightest peep to him after that and held up until morning”

Next, she went to the close-by police headquarters around the transport remain in Hyderabad, portrayed the episode to the police who figured out how to get the conductor before the transport left.

“We took the man back to the police stall and the minute he saw the cop he began crying and asking. He touched our feet, and his showy behavior started. He was yelling and asking that he will never do anything like this again. I slapped him. The officer made him apologize to us, and we in the end needed to release him. The officer inquired as to whether I needed to file an official grumbling, yet I let him go thinking about his family and how they would feel about this matter,” she told.

Be that as it may, as she shared her story, she asked an essential question. “Yes, I was wearing shorts and a sleeveless tee however, does that give anybody the privilege to touch me?”

Although we have to Respect Women not to Judge Them!