A video showing a Muslim family being asked to leave a movie theater because they did not stand for the national anthem is doing a round on social media.

One gentleman has been caught on camera ardently threatening the family, which also included kids, with violence. There are some who are trying to placate the mob, but to no avail. In the end, the family walks out and the audience claps in approval.

Muslim family asked to leave PVR theatre and show didn’t start till they left … Since they refused to stand for the National Anthem

Posted by Bharat Bhanushali on Sunday, 29 November 2015

Standing up for the national anthem that is played in several multiplex chains across the country has emerged as a delicate issue in recent years.

A while ago, Ameesha Patel had been accused by Kushal Tandon of not standing up in respect of the national anthem before a movie screening in a PVR in Juhu. She later justified her behavior by saying that she was going through ‘monthly girly problem’ and accused Kushal of a publicity stunt.


Here are some of the reaction of of people on tweeter after watching the video



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