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Murder Convict’s Son Cracks IIT Entrance Exam By Studying In Jail

Peeyush Meena, the boy who cracked IIT-JEE studying from an open jail in Kota, Peeyush got the 453rd rank in the…

By Administrator in News on June 30, 2016

Peeyush Meena, the boy who cracked IIT-JEE studying from an open jail in Kota, Peeyush got the 453rd rank in the engineering entrance exam this year with a sure-shot guarantee of getting into one of the top IITs of the country. Piyush from Rajasthan has scripted history by preparing for IIT entrance exams while staying with his father in an 8×8 feet cell in an open jail in Kota for almost two years because he did not have money for the hostel fee.

Jail convict’s son Peeyush Meena cracked JEE advanced exams.


Peeyush’s father Phool Chand Meena belongs to Dakiya village in Rajasthan where he was a school teacher. He was convicted in a murder case in 2007 and sentenced to life imprisonment. Owing to his good behavior, he was transferred to an open jail in Kota. Soon after, Phool Chand called his wife and son to stay with him in the jail.

Open jail rules not only permit family members to stay with the convict but the latter can also go out daily for earning a living. Much against his father’s wishes, Peeyush shifted to the jail in July 2014.

Speaking to The Times of India Phoolchand, a former school teacher said, “I required Rs 2 lakh, which included coaching and hostel fees. After convincing my relatives and friends for months, I could arrange Rs 1 lakh, which was not enough to cover even the coaching fees.” he was forced to accommodate his son in the open jail, which allows convicts to keep their relatives in the tiny 8×8 cell allotted to them.

There were other people who were also responsible for Peeyush’s feat, said Phoolchand. The guards at the jail were cooperative enough. They the young ones, supported Peeyush throughout his stint in the jail.

“We are happy that he has made a success, despite such adverse circumstances,” said the jail superintendent.

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After his JEE success, Peeyush said, “I never told anyone that I live in prison and that I am the son of a convict. But now, I would tell everyone that my father has done something which has no parallel. My sole aim is to give him a better life after his jail term.”

The effort paid off and Peeyush Meena bagged the 453rd rank among scheduled tribe students. That should get him a seat in a core branch at either IIT Roorkee or IIT Bhubaneswar.

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