An inquiry has been demanded against Diwaliben Mehta Hospital for organizing a dance programme in its OPD premises and ignoring the seriousness of patients. The Bombay Municipal Corporation initiated an inquiry after receiving a complaint, along with a video that showed minors girls dancing in the Diwaliben Mehta Hospital, popularly known as Maa Hospital. A report is likely to be out this week in this regard. The incident occurred on March 2. More than 20 women staff members including doctors, nurses and class IV workers attached to a civic hospital in Chembur are facing an inquiry for organizing a cultural song and dance event in the OPD.

Loud music was being played and the doctors, nurses including other members of the hospital staff were seen partying in the video. The complaint alleged that the day the party took place, only 377 patients were examined between the two OPD’s as against more than 800 examined on other days. The complaint also said that while hospitals are silent zones, the women were dancing on very loud music and of the hospital’s 80 beds, nearly half are occupied on any given day.

In the video it is seen that women dressed in traditional cloth were crossing in between, the three minor girls care least about that and continued their practice.

Hospital’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Vikrant Tikone on Tuesday claimed that a substantial number of patients were treated the day the haldi kumkum party was held in the hospital. Dr Vikrant Tikone said that such social programme are held every year by the women employees of the hospital. While previously these programmes were held on the terrace, this year the OPD was used as the terrace is under renovation.


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Dr Usha Sharma from BMC-run hospital in Vikhroli is conducting the inquiry. She, however, refused to share her findings. “I cannot reveal anything. I will submit the report in a day or two,” Sharma said.

The women who participated in the programme claimed that not a single patient was inconvenienced. “We started out programme only after 2 pm when the OPDs were over. Also, the operation theaters in the hospital are not functional due to which the surgical and gynecology OPD barely get any patients,” said one staff member on the condition of anonymity.

More than 20 women staff members of Civic Hospital, including doctors, nurses and class IV workers are facing the inquiry.

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