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Mumbai Lesbian Couple Attempts Suicide After A Relative Caught Them On A Date

A Lesbian Couple from Mumbai, Roshini Tandel and Rujukta Gawand attempted to suicide after a relative saw them and informed their parents. As reports in Mid-Day, Both the girls were aged 21 years old and were in a relationship for over a year. Both Roshni and Rujuta lived in the same vicinity and often used to spend the day together at Marine Drive.

But that was not the regular day for both the lovers as they were spotted by a relative and informed Rujukta’s father. As she returned back home Rujukta’s furious father talked to her about the indecent and Rujukta confessed about being in a relationship with Roshini. On hearing it, Rujukta’s father asked Roshini and her sister to meet at a local politicians office to discuss the matter and as he was in the discussion with both the sisters, he received a phone call about Rujukta being taken to the hospital as she had consumed phenyl. On hearing this Roshini went back home and hanged herself from the ceiling the next morning.

Senior Police Inspector Sunil Bhosle told Mid-Day, “We have booked two people under Sections 306 (abetment of suicide), 507 (criminal intimidation) and 34 (common intention) of the IPC and have arrested one in the matter. The statement of Rujukta is yet to be recorded as she is recovering from her suicide attempt. Future action will be taken once her statement is taken.”

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Strange, Lives of two young lovers were ruined forever just cause they were lesbian or a homosexual. Why do people think Homosexuality is one of the biggest taboos in India? Can we not let everyone live the way they want.

Roshini died after she hung herself in her room. Rujukta is still in the hospital, recovering after she attempted to commit suicide by drinking phenyl. Praying for the beautiful soul!

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