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Mumbai Hospital waits for a 500-kg patient from Egypt, prepares for series of surgeries

From Egypt, in Alexandria Eman Ahmed will soon move from her bed for the first time in 25 years. A…

By Administrator in News Viral on January 24, 2017

From Egypt, in Alexandria Eman Ahmed will soon move from her bed for the first time in 25 years. A unique chair will carry her, which doubles as a bed and is made by the London-based firm. For 4,500 km journey to Mumbai, Eman will be taken on a private cargo plane. Eman is 36-year-old Egyptian; her weight is approximately 500kg. She is suffering from many medical ailments. She is coming to Mumbai at Saifee Hospital in south Mumbai to do a series of medical treatments. For over six months she will remove unwanted fat from her body and will have the new birth. Hopefully, it should happen.
Eman’s family could not afford the treatments what she requires. In last October, her sister Shaimaa Ahmed who is an engineer she contacted a surgeon in Mumbai after she approached many doctors around the world and it was in vain. A bariatric surgeon,  Dr. Mufaddal Lakdawala said, “They heard about me through a friend I had operated upon in Egypt.”
After Shaimaa talked with Dr. Lakdawala, in December, he posted a picture of Eman on Twitter which was seen by Sushma Swaraj. Lakdawala said for Eman’s treatment around 4.5 lakhs has been raised. Then he added, her family will need at least Rs. 50 Lakh for her treatment and even the stay for six months, the cargo plane and further procedure.
Eman was in bed when she was 11 years old; she was in bed after contracting many diseases, Lakdawala said. She suffers from lymphedema — a condition in which fluid keeps accumulating in her arms and legs — along with hypothyroidism, diabetes, lung disease and obesity. Eman was also suffered a stroke after which her right leg and right arm were paralyzed. Because of that till today she could not speak clearly.
Dr. Mufaddal Lakdawala said, he offered his services free and also the team who will treat her. Cardiologists, a neurologist, a nephrologist, an endocrinologist, a dietician, an anesthesiologist. They are making an 800 sqft space beside the hospital for the patient to be treated. Even the entrance will be large.

Lakdawala said, “Doctors will try to reduce water retention in her body through a low-calorie diet. When her medical condition is stable, and risks associated with bariatric procedures are minimal, the first surgery to remove extra fat will be conducted. She will then be given several months to recover and a second bariatric procedure will follow. The entire process to reduce hundreds of kilos will be done in a series of operations that can take few years.”
In New Delhi, a Dr. Anoop Misra a chairman of Fortis C-DOC hospital said, in this kind of surgeries the risk of complications is more of infection. Anoop Misra said, “Anaesthesia should be able to penetrate layers of fat in her body. Operating upon such patients is also a challenge. It takes a long time to recover from these surgeries”.
In 2015, a Mexican whose weight was 450 kg and had gone weight loss surgery but failed; then two months later got post surgery complications.
A bariatric surgeon says India is the destination for life-saving surgery. Many foreign nationals come to India and undergo surgery.
If Eman’s surgery is successful, then it can be a miracle for her family and her. Her father died six months ago. If the funds are raised till February Eman will be coming to Mumbai in February for her treatment.

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