Indian Captain MS Dhoni, right After beating Bangladesh by just one run margin in one of the most thrilling match in ICC T20 World Cup, flared up at a journalist in a post-match press conference. Dhoni was asked how satisfied was he with the result, keeping in mind that India needed to win it big to improve their net run rate for brightening the semifinal prospects. The way that question was framed would have irked any captain, especially one who led and fought out of his skin to earn his country a much-needed win. So Dhoni was completely right on his part to express his anger. Dhoni was asked about the net run rate calculations and how happy was he with the narrow win.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni lost his cool and shot back at the journalist stating that “he was not happy that India won”.

Reporter: “Before the match, we were talking about a big win so that we can improve our net run-rate but look at how we just about managed to win. How satisfied you are with such a win? And second …

(Dhoni cuts him)
“Just one [question] at a time,” the India skipper said firmly. “I know you aren’t happy that India won today.”

(Reporter tries to clarify. Dhoni cuts him again.)
“Listen to me. Hearing you, your tone and your question, it’s clear that you aren’t happy that India has won. And when talking about a cricket match, there’s no script. It’s not about the script. You have to analyse that after losing the toss, what was the reason that we couldn’t make many runs on that wicket. If you aren’t analysing these things sitting outside, then you shouldn’t ask this question.”