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Mother Received Heart-Breaking Texts From Son During Orlando Shooting.

Mina Justice was sound asleep when she received the text from her son, Eddie Justice, who was in the Orlando nightclub when a gunman Omar Mateen, open fired. Mina Justice shared the chilling texts on WFTV.

One said, “Mommy I love you. In club they shooting.”

Source: WFTV

A later text said “he’s in the bathroom with us.”

Source: WFTV

The texts continue with “I’m gonna die” and “he has us.”

Source: WFTV

The gunman was killed by police following an hours long hostage situation. Police are calling this shooting a terror-related attack.

Mina Justice said she was outside the club trying to contact her son Eddie, 30, after a gunman opened fire inside a Florida nightclub early Sunday. The last text she received said: ‘He’s in here with us.’


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