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7 Most Unhealthiest Snacks Of India That Is Killing You Slowly Every-time You Eat It!

Every country has its own share of popular snack items which are consumed by most people on a regular basis. But not everything that is popular is necessarily healthy. The fact is, they are tasty, easily available and cheap so people eat them without giving a thought of how many calories they are consuming and how they are made. If you are trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle or maybe lose weight, then snacks are your worst enemy! Snacks are so irresistible because they are tasty and are easily available. But snacks can single-handedly multiply the fat content in your body. And if they promise to be fat free, then the calorie content could be high.

Here Are 7 Most Unhealthiest Snacks Of India That Is Killing You Slowly Every-time You Eat It!

1. Vada pav


Image Source: thatscoop.com

A favourite Mumbai delicacy, vada pav is a staple dish which is eaten by one and all for its distinct taste. It is filling and is easy on the pocket, making it a lunch or snack option for several Mumbaikars. Vada pav is deep-fried with a potato filling which is then sandwiched between a bun with some spicy chutney. A single serving of one vada pav equals to 286 calories and the frying further makes it rich in fats.

2. Potato Chips

Potato Chips

Image Source: recipes.sparkpeople.com

Probably the most obvious entry on the list, potato chips are commonly mentioned when it comes to harmful snacks because a pack of potato chips can single-handedly put as much as 30 to 40 grams of fat in your body.

3. Samosa


Image Source: paddockpost.com

This is mostly eaten in the evenings along with tea. Deep-fried, coated with white flour and filled with potato and peas, samosas are a sure shot way to gain weight. A single piece contains as much as 245 calories.

4. Bhatura


Image Source: flickriver.com

The famous chhloe bhature which make for a filling snack is something you will have to give up if you are in the mood to get healthy. The fact is, bhatura is made out of white flour, is deep fried and often very large in size. Switch to whole wheat bread or regular chapattis instead with the chhole.

5. Burgers


Image Source: food.ndtv.com

Burger is nothing but a greasy, badly-made, unhealthy snack. And burgers always come with french fries, their partner-in-crime. The kinds of trans fats in burgers and fries are not at all healthy for your system and should be avoided completely.

6. Medu Vada


Image Source: foodfellas4you.com

Many of the people think that Medu Vada are healthy item. Well, although they might be healthy, don’t forget that both the items are deeply fried in oil.

7. Fafda – Jalebi


Image Source: youtube.com

All types of farsaan is unhealthy as it involves deep frying either in stored oil or oil that has been repeatedly in use. However, fafda and Ghantiya tops the chart as it is made up of Gram Flour. Moreover, if Fafda is eaten in combination with Jalebi.

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