Everyone must have heard about unfriendly person or animal, but very less people have ever heard about unfriendly cities. There are cities in the world which are tagged as not so friendly cities for the various reasons. It is hard to explain the term Unfriendly. It is quite a unclear term, as different people have different perceptions about Being Unfriendly. It could be due to the political perception, location or due to the people or language barriers. we’ve all had an unfriendly encounter with a local, or caught a city that’s just woken up on the wrong side of the bed. We know these cities, at their best, can all be inviting, vibrant, and dynamic destinations. Here are 8 most unfriendly cities in the World.

1. Washington, D.C, USA

People had pretty good things to say about the capital but what brought the ranking down was all that filibustering. Irrespective of all its history, attractions and importance, readers seemed to have absolutely no patience for all that hold-up. List for any tourist interested in American history, despite its unfriendliness.


2. Beijing, China

Beijing has huge population, the pollution at Beijing is also high. The streets are dirty and overcrowded. Most of the problems arising to tourist in Beijing are due to its excessive population which also results in traffic congestions. It has been said that people of Beijing are also not so friendly in their behavior.


3. Frankfurt, Germany

One of the worst complaints about Frankfurt was how unfriendly and complicated its airport is. Maybe travelers have a skewed perception of the city because they spend so much time there.


4. Paris, France

Paris being most romantic and fabulous city, Parisians are cold and aloof. People are downright rude and hostile. The city is so much unfriendly that its tourist board launched an initiative called “Do you speak to tourist” to motivate the locals to be more attune to visitors and tourists.


5. Los Angeles, USA

One irritated visitor said that Los Angeles was full of, Rude, unhelpful people trying to scam you for everything. While one tourist said of New York, New York has everything just don’t ask a person in the street to help you find it.


6. Moscow, Russia

Unhelpful and aloof Muscovites, the city’s traffic and food did not help matters. The place as one of Europe’s most vibrant cities a sprawling metropolis of more than 10 million people, packed with nightclubs, bars and shopping centres.


7. Marseille, France

Even the French are splitting hairs over this city. Readers claim that the city might be unkempt and gritty but is far more accommodating than Paris.


8. Nassau, Bahamas

The city is not so tourist friendly, The reason behind is lack of infrastructure and feeling of insecurity outside the tourist areas and big hotels. Formerly known as Charles Town, there is high rate of crime in the city at present and most of the victims are the tourist, who are normally robbed by tricking them.


Do you know any city where you had a worst experiecnce and found people to be unfriendly?

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