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Top 10 most popular Bollywood stars on social media.

Our Bollywood stars have millions of fans all over the world, and they surely follow them on the Social Media….

By Administrator in Bollywood Featured on April 26, 2016

Our Bollywood stars have millions of fans all over the world, and they surely follow them on the Social Media. Social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter have made communication between the stars and fans very easy. The Virtual World Social Media has taken over many lives. Nowadays people are not connected with bonds, they’re just connected with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Social media has helped stars in creating a new level of relationships between fans and stars. lets see some of the most popular stars on the social media.

1. Amitabh Bachchan

amitabh bachchan

FACEBOOK:- 23 Million Likes.

TWITTER:- 20.6 Million Followers.

INSTAGRAM:- 1.5 Million Followers.

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2. Shah Rukh Khan


FACEBOOK:- 18 Million Likes.

TWITTER:- 19.2 Million Followers.

INSTAGRAM:- 1.6 Million Followers.

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3. Priyanka Chopra

priyanka chopra

FACEBOOK:- 19 Million Likes.

TWITTER:- 13.7 Million Followers.

INSTAGRAM:- 6.6 Million Followers.

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4. Salman Khan

salman khan inner

FACEBOOK:- 30 Million Likes.

TWITTER:- 17.4 Million Followers.

INSTAGRAM:- 3.9 Million Followers.

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5. Deepika Padukone


FACEBOOK:- 31 Million Likes.

TWITTER:- 14.5 Million Followers.

INSTAGRAM:- 7.6 Million Followers.

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6. Akshay Kumar


FACEBOOK:- 19 Million Likes.

TWITTER:- 12.3 Million Followers.

INSTAGRAM:- 4 Million Followers.

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7. Hrithik Roshan


FACEBOOK:- 16 Million Likes.

TWITTER:- 13.7 Million Followers.

INSTAGRAM:- 2 Million Followers.

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8. Sonam Kapoor


FACEBOOK:- 14 Million Likes.

TWITTER:- 8.9 Million Followers.

INSTAGRAM:- 5 Million Followers.

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9. Shahid Kapoor


FACEBOOK:- 15 Million Likes.

TWITTER:- 8.28 Million Followers.

INSTAGRAM:- 4.2 Million Followers.

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10. Anushka Sharma


FACEBOOK:- 3 Million Likes.

TWITTER:- 7.48 Million Followers.

INSTAGRAM:- 3.4 Million Followers.

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