The selfie is a general event in our “smartphone” period, that the term was included in the dictionary. Some people take it to the next level, exposing themselves to dangerous situations. Human beings are always trying to figure out how to push the envelope on things. Plus, we always like to one up each other, it’s just our way. If that guy took a selfie on top of a bridge, I’m gonna take one on top of a higher bridge. If that chic took a selfie hanging off of a moving train, I’m gonna take one hanging off of the Space Shuttle – which no one has done yet but it’s just a matter of time before someone tries.

1. In 2013, while taking this selfie, reporter Kelly Nash got almost hit by a home run.

baseball selfi

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2. From the top of the statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro


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During a visit to the iconic Christ The Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro; Lee Thompson, founder of the Flash Pack travel company, was granted permission by the Brazilian tourist board to scale to the top of the statue for the ultimate selfie. Lee Thompson said this snap of himself atop the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janiero was taken safely

3. San Francisco, California


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4. Cliff-jumping selfie


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5. Underwater selfie

Underwater selfie

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6. Storm chaser George Kourounis took a selfie on top of Ambrym‘s active volcano Marum, Vanuatu.


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7. Moscow, Russia’s Kirill does some of the most craziest selfie skills!


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8. Autopilot mode on


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9. His name is Santhosh, who runs a charitable trust and also a avid snake rescuer.


10. Selfie with Shark


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Shark selfie? Despite the publicity, there doesn’t appear to be any let-up in the amount of death-defying selfies being taken, nor people’s appetite to look at them.

11. James Kingston’s picture of himself hanging off a crane is pretty terrifying.

Hanging selfie

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12. Jokke Sommer’s crazy selfie before skydiving.


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13. Alexander Remnev on top of the Dubai’s Princess Tower, the world’s tallest residential building at 1,350ft.


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14. India’s Top Of the Hill Selfie


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Everyone nowadays are now living for documenting life events with photos and online posts. We cannot deny the act that we have experienced this too “taking selfie” With the help of massive mega pixel front cameras and social media, the trend of selfie is taking over the world. Selfie is a type of photograph that one has taken of oneself, regularly with a cell phone or webcam and shared through the social networking. You can express your feeling with photos you selfie, but sometime it is very dangerous you should not do.

Please don’t ever try this at home.