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More Than 20 Cars Dash Into Each-Other At Yamuna Expressway Due To Dense Smog

There are a lot of accidents and incidents happening all over the nation but this is a major one and caught many eyes. As per the reports, many people are injured in a pile-up of more than 20 vehicles on the famous Yamuna expressway near Delhi, today morning. The reason for this accident to occur is the dense fog in the area. Pictures showed a mangled car and a bashed-up white van and bus.

A thick brown smog has submerged the capital and nearby areas over the past few days with pollution levels rising day by day and spiking to alarming levels. Smoke from firecrackers burst during Diwali festival on the weekend has choked up the air and reduced visibility to near zero on stretches of the highway.

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On last Monday, due to the reduced visibility five cars rammed into each other on the Delhi Noida Direct also known as DND Flyway. The Yamuna Expressway is 165-km long, which connects Noida near Delhi and Agra, has seen similar accidents in the past because of haze. In January 2016, a woman was killed and over two dozen people were injured in a crash of about 50 cars. Safety of citizens comes first therefore, government should take some strict actions in-order to avoid such incidents in the near future.

20 Cars Crashes Into Each-other At Yamuna Expressway Near Delhi

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