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Monalisa And Manoj Punjabi’s Closeness Is The Most Talked Thing In Bigg Boss 10 House This Week

Everyone was waiting to watch First Weekend Ka Vaar Episode of Bigg Boss 10 and as we all know that…

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on October 25, 2016

Everyone was waiting to watch First Weekend Ka Vaar Episode of Bigg Boss 10 and as we all know that former Bigg Boss contestant Kamya Punjabi took the house down with her analysis on the contestants and after the shocking exit of most irritating Priyanka Jagga the show made its stand in the very first week among its audience and after all this everyone is sure that the viewers are entertained throughout the whole weekend.

Now it is time of starting second week of Bigg Boss 10. New nominations New conspiracies and of course most interested new fights will be there. If you were not able to watch Monday’s show that all the contestants has broken the primary rule by discussing nominations. So, now as a punishment, Bigg Boss made celebs the owner of the house and the common people will be servants of the Bigg boss house.

In the beginning of the second week there were argument erupts between Manu and Lokesh after she asks Akansha to make tea for him. Lokesh asks Akanksha for help but Manu doesn’t like that. It was not going well with Manu. Manu told Akanksha that Manu specifically asked Lokesh to make tea and she should have told him that she will not be able to do it. In her defense, Lokesh said that she asked for help from Akansha because she want to have bath before she goes to any kitchen responsibility. While having discussion in all celebs contestants, Karan expresses his concern over Manu and Mona getting close. Karan told Mona that Manu was looking forward to get close to her while having conversation and Mona needs to maintain a distance. After that Mona came front to Manu and told him what celebs feel about their friendship and Manu just replied her by giving advice that to take her own decisions by herself and no need to get manipulated by anyone.

BDW, do you all know that Manu Punjabi is not participating first time in reality show?  He has already been a part of reality show before, so its not his first reality show you can check out by clicking the link above.

The couples here does not last once they walk out of the house but they do manage to stay popular while they are in the Bigg Boss house. So, are Manu Punjabi and Mona Lisa are planning the same?

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