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Monalisa Kisses Manu Punjabi In Bigg Boss 10 House And Admitted About Her Liking For Him

The popular reality TV show BB 10 is full of controversies and drama. We all know there is no season…

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on November 2, 2016

The popular reality TV show BB 10 is full of controversies and drama. We all know there is no season of BB in which we don’t see drama, Love story, Fights. In this season we see the Bhojpuri actress Mona lisa and Manu Punjabi romancing each other in the house. From the second week of the show we have seen them talking to each other and spending time together.

After seeing their closeness the celebrity team was little protective about her and thought that may be Monalisa is innocent. But celebs didn’t say her anything because Mona was fine with Manu’s open flirting with her. In this Weekend ka vaar we saw Swami ji made Salman laugh so much. Monalisa Biswas told Salman that she feels good when she is with Manu and she finds a connection with him.

Mona Lisa Biswas Kissed Manu Punjabi In BB 10 House And Confessed about her liking for him.


In Last night’s episode we saw Mona lisa kissed Manu on his cheeks in front of camera, Shocking!!!! Team India wale did not like it and all were talking about them. But wait, we all saw that Bigg Boss have given them a secret task may it was in that and Monalisa completed one from that. Team Indiawale don’t know about this secret task so they are all shocked after Mona kissed Manu. Yesterday’s episode was  funny Mona created drama by saying that she is going to be a Mother of Mama ji’s (Manu) kid. LOL!! funny.

Before we saw Manu told Mona that if not her he can flirt with anyone in the house just to be in the show to gain popularity. If you remember we have given you the news about Manu that he is engaged to a girl named Priya Saini. We all have seen her on the first day of the show, she was with Manu until he entered the Bigg Boss House.

Will get to know what is the truth about Manu and Mona, are they doing this just to be in the show or it is real. Time will tell us. Please do share your thought in the comment.

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