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Modi Govt chooses to host Heart of Asia conference in Golden city Amritsar on Sunday.

Afghanistan state faces the resurgence of Taliban in Pakistan, terrorism threat in the region, its complex security matrix and help…

By Administrator in News on December 3, 2016

Afghanistan state faces the resurgence of Taliban in Pakistan, terrorism threat in the region, its complex security matrix and help the war-ravaged nation in its transition. A conference set up like every year this is the sixth Heart of Asia ministerial conference on Afghanistan, but usually the venue being Delhi capital of the country. PM Narendra Modi chooses Amritsar the Golden city, as the venue of the conference which has its inauguration on Sunday.

Heart of Asia is connectivity of different global nations all across to discuss and resolve problems of terrorism, Amritsar has been a stop on the old Grand Trunk (GT) Road, connecting to the borders of Bangladesh to Peshawar in Pakistan which is close to border of Afghanistan. Indian continent western and eastern region has been linked for centuries, GT Road has been South Asia’s arteries.

Former PM ManMohan Singh’s dream was, “That respective national identities, one can have breakfast in Amritsar, lunch in Lahore and dinner in Kabul.” PM Narendra Modi unexpectedly completed the dream.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, itself is hosting the conference on 3rd and 4th December from India, while Sartaj Aziz, adviser to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, will be leading the Pakistani delegation. Globally, the European continent and 40 other leading countries, Istanbul Process is deliberating, on challenges faced by Afghanistan, which also includes the rivalry currently between both he countries. India, China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan, and representatives with senior officials of 114 countries all over the world with 17 supporting nations.

No-more, the cross-border terrorism would be treated as “new normal” by India.


Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani would be inaugurating the Heart of Asia conference with other elites. Pak and India have certainly being in disrupt and non-happening situations at the border since these months. Sixth Heart of Asia is therefore, look forward for both the countries to bring peace, cooperation and economic development in Afghanistan and between the nations globally. Amritsar being the holy city is tight with security arrangements been made for the high-profile event and the top delegates of the countries.

Amritsar near to Pakistan border, flooded with high security arrangements, for the major conference Heart of Asia.


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