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Manveer Gurjar Winner Of Bigg Boss 10 An FIR Is Lodged Against Him!

Just before 3-4 days, we got the winner of Bigg Boss 10, and he is the common man Manveer Gurjar…

By Administrator in Bigg Boss News on February 2, 2017

Just before 3-4 days, we got the winner of Bigg Boss 10, and he is the common man Manveer Gurjar from Noida. But it looks like after his winning victory Manveer has gone into big trouble. Recently we got news about his marriage, the video and the wedding picture went viral on the Internet. As per the news, Manveer is a father of the 5-year-old kid. There is no confirmation from him or his family. His mother is telling it’s all fake. God knows what’s the truth is.
Now, according to the source, a FIR has lodged against the winner of BB10 Manveer Gurjar. It’s just four days he won the title of BB10, and he went into a legal mess. His Noida house is full of fans and well-wishers.

As we got news about the FIR, the police of Noida has filed a case against Manveer under Section 341 of the IPC. After he won the show BB10 his close friends and family have organised a congratulations program in the park at Sector 46 in Noida. They took permission from police for 40 vehicles at the venue. But the disturbance caused at the park was just unbelievable. There were over 1000 vehicles at the venue. We can imagine what a trouble it was! Because of this, there was a lot of traffic outside the place, and things went out of control. Because of this, the Police has lodged a FIR against Manveer. The punishment for this is a fine of Rs. 500 or a jail of one month or both of them.
A common man has now become a celebrity just because of BB10. People are dying to meet him and take selfies with him.
We hope whatever problems are there with Manveer Gurjar solves soon.

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