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Milind Soman’s Mother Joins Him On The Final Leg Of The Marathon And Ran Barefoot In A Saree

The latest video of Milind Soman shows his 76-year-old mother Usha Soman joined him during the final leg of The Great India Run marathon. The amazing part is that she ran in a saree and completely barefoot with Milind Soman. The video shared by The great Indian Run’s Facebook page.

Milind Soman has been running between Ahmedabad to Mumbai as a part of The Great India Run a two week long marathon and is also the Iron Man of India because of his inhuman marathon running skills. He is supposed to end his run and reach Mumbai on August 4. Milind Soman’s mother decided to give him some company on the last leg of his run for a short while.

Watch how Milind Soman and his mother is setting up some fitness goals!

Milind Soman's mother joins him for a short run during #TGIR

Like mother like son. Wondering where Milind Soman learnt to run barefoot? His mom joins Milind during the penultimate day of TGIR near Manor. #Aquaguard supports #TGIR#DamanDiuDNHTourism #TataSalt Supports #TGIR #NamakKeWaasteymobiefit adidas Running

Posted by The Great India Run on Tuesday, August 2, 2016

His mother joined him during the final leg of the marathon. Wearing a saree, she ran barefoot. Just WOW!

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Milind Soman, He is a national-level swimmer, the country’s first super-model and a self-confessed fitness buff, who has also been the very face of marathons in a country like India. Milind Soman wants to run from Ahmedabad to Mumbai. He started running on July 26th.

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