Zubin Sinha is an upcoming singer and composer who has written his own success story. A leading Indian playback singer, Zubin dreams of becoming a music director someday. Currently, he is heading UND Music, a music company that boasts of producing unique songs in different genres of music. Here the music is beyond different forms or styles, it is more like an expression of your thoughts and feelings. For Zubin Sinha, music is the very essence of his existence and it is clearly reflected in his songs. He is a youth icon who inspires others to follow their dreams with commitment.

Early Life –

Zubin was born in Patna in the year 1992. Music allured him right through his growing years and he also received formal musical training during his early childhood. Zubin learned the basics of music in his hometown and later finished his ‘Prabhakar’ in classical music from the reputed Prayag Sangeet Samiti in Allahabad.

Zubin sinha Life

Qualifications –

Zubin Sinha had all the optimism and faith to moved ahead to achieve his dream. After completing his Prabhakar, he joined the ITA (Indian Television Academy) to receive formal training in playback singing. Presently he is a reputed member of the Writers Association of India and also the Music Directors Association of India. For Zubin learning is an ongoing process and the singer is currently pursuing sound programming.

Zubin sinha Qualifications

The Journey So Far –

Zubin Sinha’s hard work and dedication got his talent noticed and his songs were liked immensely by the masses. He started his career as a jingle composer for Radio Mirchi, the hottest radio station in town. Zubin got his first big break in Bollywood with the movie ‘Sarthak’ where he worked as a solo music director. Besides he also assisted other established music composers of Bollywood in background scoring. There was no looking back for him then and Zubin willingly grabbed the opportunity of working with established Bollywood artists like Pt. Bhavani Shankar, Tochi Raina and Chintoo Singh to name a few. Recently Zubin featured in the album ‘Aye Veer Tujhe Salaam’, a tribute to the chivalry of the Indian Armed Forces. Some of the popular songs sung by him are ‘Halla Gulla’, ‘Kaun Hoon Main’, ‘Hum Desh’ and many more.

Zubin sinha Journey

Achievements –

Even as Zubin’s talent was being recognized on the diasporas of Indian Music Industry, he still remains attached to his hometown. He composed and sang the title jingle for Radio Mirchi Patna and it was immensely enjoyed by all. Zubin was rightfully honoured the ‘Bihar Kala Ratna’ Award by the Shah Azimabad Welfare Educational & Charitable Trust in the year 2017. He is the lead singer of the famous Rock Band ‘Unity N Diversity’. At present Zubin Sinha heads the ‘UND Music Station’ in Mumbai that not only produces fine music but also imparts professional music training to aspiring singers.

Zubin Sinha Achievements

Upcoming Releases –

Zubin Sinha’s fans are eagerly waiting for his upcoming album ‘Lamhe’ that is based on fusion and also features other prominent artists in Bollywood. His latest song ‘Lately’ with Giri G has been lowkey feeding the streets with plenty of new heat. He also composed ‘Hum Desh’, a multi-linguistic and artistic song for Zee Music Company. Here Zubin will be seen along with Tochi Raina, Vikas Malviya, Keval Jayawant W, Mohd Ramzan and Munawwar Ali. Zubin is also engaged in producing background score for a drama serial under the banner of ‘Ayodhya Arts Production’. He is also working together with Tochi Raina for the album ‘Jag Bouraya’.

Zubin sinha Upcoming Releases

For Zubin Sinha his unending love for music and belief in his credibility has led him so far in his journey that he has been signed with Sony Pictures for multiple number video singles in 2018.

TYM wishes him all the success as he climbs the ladder of success and carves a niche for himself in the music industry!