There is a theory that shows us how strangers can pass off as twins. Even there is a website which allows us to find your twin from anywhere in the world. This shows why we see so many carbon copy of our celebrities. Many celebrities came in the news with their look alike and here we have got another celebrity. Just like Kylie Jenner, Angelina Jolie, and Kim Kardashian, Selena too has a carbon copy. She is none other than a Hollywood star Selena Gomez. Yes, we have got a picture in which a girl looks exactly like Selena Gomez. Her name is Sofia Solares and she is just a carbon copy of Selena.

 Meet Selena Gomez’s Doppelganger Sofia Solares

In past couple of weeks if you were active on Instagram then you might have seen Selena Gomez’s doppelganger. Sofia Solares Instagram account looks like an average page but if you look closer then you may notice that Sofia looks like a 25-year-old Hollywood famous singer. After looking at her pictures people just can’t get over the similarities between them. Sofia and Selena have gone viral in this matter from few days as Sofia is just same as Selena Gomez.

Sofia Solares is from Mexico and is 22-year-old. After seeing their picture we just can’t find a single difference between them. From her chic bow haircut to pouty lips, she looks same like Selena.

The Mexican girl is quite popular on Social media and her Instagram account has 359k Followers. She has lots of selfies and comments from her fans. Even she is aware of this comparison. In an interview Sofia told the outlet in Spanish, she loves Selena Gomez and she is a diehard fan of her. It would be a dream to know that Selena knows about her and will write a few words for her. “I would cry with happiness.”

Well, check the pictures of doppelganger Sofia Solares. I can bet no one can say she is not Selena.


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Está foto me encanta ♥️

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