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Masterchef Australia’s Matt Preston & Gary Mehigan Are In India, And Are Absolutely Loving Sambhar, Dosa & Vada.

Masterchef Australia chefs Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan are currently in Bengaluru having the time of their lives! In the south city for a World On A Plate event over the weekend, the two judges have been trying out numerous local delicacies.  It’s the first time the international food festival, World On A Plate, is coming to India. You might think that over 50 pop-up restaurants in the same place would be the main highlight of the fest. But you will get more than that if you were to attend the fest this weekend.

Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan are on their tour to Bengaluru for an international food festival a first for India. And from their posts on Instagram, they seem like they’re having a gala time, eating South Indian food and roaming the streets of Bengaluru.

Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan, who are presently in India to attend the international food festival in Bangalore, are using Instagram to tell yummilicious tales of their experiences in India.

Thanks to @singaporeair for the great service & hospitality..! Apparently we had a few fans on the flight ?@world_onaplate @mattscravat @gcalombaris looking forward to a fabulous 5 days in Bangalore #lovefood #loveindia #delicious #yummy #lovefood #lovemyjob

Apart from interacting with chefs Anthony and Saji at the JW Marriott, Matt, George and Gary also took an interesting tour of the city’s markets. The things that caught their eyes were everything from vegetable stalls to knife sharpeners and the amazing South-Indian food they got to taste.

Traditional local breakfast under the flame trees at Airlines Hotel in Bengaluru with the@world_onaplate team: chow chow bath, the lightest vada, crispy masala dosa…yum!

Masterchef Australia chefs Matt Preston, Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris are participating in the World On A Plate food festival that’s to be held on June 4 and 5.

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