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Massive Fire Breakout In Maharashtra’s Aurangabad District, Nearly 200 Firecracker Stores And 40 Vehicles In Flames

Diwali is a festival of light and every year it is celebrated on a very large scale not only in india but throughout the globe. Firecrackers are burst during the course, Rangoli with various designs are created or made by our Indian women in their house to increase the glory and make their house look beautiful.

With the good always comes the bad, As bursting Firecrackers, we also have to take care of our own and also of others safety. Precautions should always be taken. Every year some or the other incident of fire breaking out in a firecracker factory or a store or someone burning due to cracker happens and we hear about it

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On Saturday morning, 29 October 2016, people in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra witnessed a massive fire breakout when nearly 200 firecracker stores went up in flames. The firecracker market was put up ahead for Diwali celebrations.

As per the reports, 10 fire tankers have been rushed to the incident spot to control and douse the flames. Residents have been informed about the fire breakout and told to stay away from the area as the smokes are heavily loaded with harmful chemicals.

The massive Fire broke out in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad on Saturday.

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