Passengers at Bhayandar railway station were left stunned last week when an unidentified man jumped onto the tracks and was instantly killed by an approaching train.The incident, which took place on July 10, was caught on CCTV camera installed at the station showed the man was first seen on Platform 6 in the evening with his headphones plugged in.

As the Virar-bound local was pulling in, he suddenly jumped onto the tracks and lay down in its path. Taken completely by surprise, the train’s motorman did not have the time to apply the emergency brakes. According to report Mumbai Mirror.

Mahesh Bagwe, Senior Inspector, Vasai GRP, said, “We have put the number for tracking and are trying everything possible to trace his identity.We have recovered only a mobile phone and some basic cash from his body.”

GRP officials are now trying to track down his family by accessing his call data record (CDR).