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Mamta Kulkarni Talks About Sex, Drugs & Her Relationship With Vicky Goswami In Her Latest Interview!

Mamta Kulkarni have been in news recently about her relationship with Drug lord Vicky Goswami, but recently Mamta Kulkarni came up and talked about what made her quit the glamour industry at the peak of her career and bond with an international drug merchant since then.

Mamta Kulkarni broke her silence and talked about drug racket reports, She not only clarified her stand over the drug racket, but also spoke at length about her 16 year long journey towards enlightenment.

Mamta said in an exclusive interview with ABP that she never really wanted to be an actress but stepped into the industry to fulfill her mother’s desire. She has been a ‘victim’ of her mother’s desires. She further added that she thought Bollywood was a huge mistake and that she has been seeking redemption for the same since the past 12 years.

Mamta talked about many things but her words about drugs, sex and Vicky goswami shocked everyone –

The nude cover photoshoot was the most foolish mistake made by me (Mere andar masoomiyat thi. Muje kisi ne Demi Moore ka classy photo dikhya tha.) If Today a man will stand nude in front of me, it won’t affect on me. Mera aur Vicky ka koi physical relationship nahi hai, we are just on good terms with each other.

The actress said that she still hadn’t married Vicky Goswami, who was identified as her husband in the media. She further clarified that she and Vicky have no physical relationship.

She also made it very clear that she has no involvement with drugs and her apathy towards drugs is pretty intense. She explained that if the most basic, animalistic desire. She also said that If you take Ram’s name then Sita’s name will come too. You see Vicky, he goes out and he meets his people and I am nowhere close to him and I hate drugs and and I am very far away from the desire of drugs or sex.

Recalling her last visit to India, Mamta says,” I visited Kumbh in 2013. I also took a dip in the Ganges in Hardiwar in the year 2012. I want to return to India but the almighty can only decide on it”

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