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Mahek Chahal has been replaced by Sara Khan in Colors new show ‘Kawach’

Mahek Chahal, who plays the role of Manjulika in Colors new show ‘Kawach’ with Mona Singh, Vivek Dahiya, has reportedly…

By Administrator in Television on July 4, 2016

Mahek Chahal, who plays the role of Manjulika in Colors new show ‘Kawach’ with Mona Singh, Vivek Dahiya, has reportedly quit the show and Sara Khan was brought in to replace Mahek on ‘Kawach’. The actress recently took to her Twitter handle to drop a hint on her exit from the show.

Mahek Chahal had injured her knee due to a ligament tear a few weeks before the show went on air and since then she has not been able to recover completely. Earlier, there were reports  that the makers were looking for her replacement but Mahek had decided to resume shoot with the help of crutches.

Mahek Chahal who plays Manjulika on Colors new show ‘Kawach’ has been replaced. The worst part was the fact that Mahek wasn’t even aware of the fact that they were replacing her for Sara Khan.


However, as Mahek Chahal had already made her commitment to the show, she decided to work as much as she could. But as her health kept declining hence causing a trouble to the producers of the show. Rumor also has it that Sara Khan won’t be replacing Mahek but she just to play Manjulika’s sister.

However, the shooting schedule has taken a toll on her health thereby making it difficult for her to recover from the fractured knee. Also, the script demands Mahek Chahal to perform some daredevil stunts but considering her deteriorating health, the makers had no option but to replace her. Apparently, Sara Khan has been approached to play the role of Manjulika.

The shocking thing is Ekta and team have not mentioned about this development to Mahek Chahal and she is completely unaware of being replaced on the show. She told, “I’m not aware of this news. This show is important for me and I would have liked to continue. Of course, my health is priority. I want to meet the producer, Ekta Kapoor, to update her personally about my status.”

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