Taaha Shah, who played lead in the recently released Bollywood film ‘Barkha’ was completely in shock when his cousin brother Joshua Mathews started blackmailing him, demanding Rs. 1.17 crore to delete video clip that featured the actor with his girlfriend. According to police sources, his cousin Joshua Matthews got his hands on a video clip Taaha had shot with his girlfriend, who also happens to be an actor. The clip had some private moments between the couple, and had it gone viral, it would have harmed their careers.

Police also adds, “Joshua who has been jobless, he planed and managed to transfer the video clip via the Bluetooth connectivity on his phone when the actor was away. Once the copy of the clip came under his possession, Joshua started issuing threats to Taaha demanding to cough off Rs. 17 lakhs but Taaha didn’t budge post which he allegedly threatened the actor to make the private clip public on social network.”

“Joshua asked Taaha’s mother to sell their Versova apartment and pay the large amount. It was then, that the actor’s mother informed her brother about his son’s nefarious activities. The father, in return, opted to teach Joshua a lesson and approached the police station”

Joshua sent certain images of the clip to the Taaha’s girlfriend trying to coax her to convince Taaha to pay the money. When Joshua realized that Taaha informed all this to his mother, he got furious and further started demanding Rs. 1 Core from Taaha and his mother.

Sources also suggest that after recording the statements of Taaha and the accused’s parents, the officials from Versova Police station nabbed Joshua and recovered all the video clips, images & private messages from him, last week. The cousin brother is said to have been booked for extortion, issuing threats and under the Information Technology Act.

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