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Love Coffees? Here are 5 alcohol-infused Coffee Drinks, for Your Weekend Party

We all know normal urban folks it into two groups one is those who are coffee lovers and other love…

By Abhinav D Anand in Food on April 17, 2019

We all know normal urban folks it into two groups one is those who are coffee lovers and other love there big mug of alcohol. Would it be amazing to get both in 1 shot? How about a coffee cocktail?

1. Dark Moon –

This dark delicacy is a mix of classic rum and coke with fantastic coffee. It is a highly caffeinated cocktail. All you need to do is to combine clod brew, coffee liqueur, and classic rum 3-4 hour beforehand; the result is Dark Moon.

1½ cups cold-brew coffee
½ cup coffee liqueur
½ cup spiced rum
1 12-oz. bottle Coca-Cola, preferably Mexican
½ cup heavy cream

2. Tesori –

This delicious cocktail has 2 oz of espresso, one short of each amaretto and Amaro and a scoop of vanilla gelato. The best is to add this mini cocktail to freshly brewed espresso and add gelato to the top of it for a hot meet cold experience.

3. Three Dots and a Dash –

This tasty cocktail is prepared with three types of rum and cold-brewed coffee. La Colombe cold brew coffee, pineapple juice, and lime are clubbed with A trifecta of aged Rhum Agricole, blackstrap rum, and Indian rum to bring this mouthful cocktail.

4. The Berkshire Room –

This cocktail is a simple combination of 3 perfect proportion of ingredients, it makes a smooth drink. This cocktail uses wheat bourbon, dark matter coffee essence and a dash of pipe tobacco.

5. Carriage House Red Eye –

This divine coffee cocktail is the perfect solution for the common hangover. This is the best combination of La Colombe cold-pressed coffee and cream de cacao and a small shot of El Dorado 5 years aged rum. This can be served with crushed ice at the weekend party.

Enjoy this delicious alcohol-infused coffee drink for your weekend party.

These dark beauties are tending welcome drink in parties to chill with your friends who love coffee and alcohol combination.  Rock on and celebrate the sinful drink with a dash of whipping cream for more flavor.

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