Lopamudra Raut Says Something Unbelievable About VJ Bani To Rohan Mehra.

Bigg Boss 10 contestants have finally entered to the finale month after surviving so many fights, tasks, evictions and much more. As the finale is near the game is becoming tough for each contestants, everyone wants to reach till finale but as we know everyone can’t go till the end. For this week the nominated contestants are Lopamudra Raut, VJ Bani, Monalisa, Nitibha Kaul, Om Swami and Rohan Mehra.  We can’t guess who will be evicted in this week because it’s hard to guess but all the contestants are giving their best. The insecurities among the housemates have started.

We all know Rohan Mehra and Lopamudra Raut are close friends even they had fights and arguments. One pair of friendship has broken last week as Gaurav Chopra was eliminated. Now, Lopamudra tells Rohan Mehra that Bani is trying to get close to him as her friend Gaurav is out of the house. He should be aware of her fake friendship, she is getting too over friendly with him. Rohan heard this and gave a boom reply.

Lopamudra Raut Says Something Unbelievable About VJ Bani To Rohan Mehra. 1

Rohan said as Gaurav Chopra is evicted it is sure that Bani will start making new friends in the house and it is not bad. He even said to Lopa that she must not overthink and should not blame anyone. Rohan just said this and went to sleep. This reply of Rohan irritates Lopamudra and throws things on Rohan, she knows that he went to sleep then also she does it.


Do you think Lopamudra Raut is insecure of VJ Bani? Share your views in the comments section below and keep reading this for more updates on Bigg Boss 10!

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