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Lopamudra Raut raises the oomph factor in the Bigg Boss house as she chills by the pool in her BIKINI

In tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 10Mona Lisa Biswas will be seen joining by Lopamudra Raut in the pool. After a long and tiring luxury budget task, Lopa and Mona decided to take a break from the game and take a dip in the pool raising the temperature level high in the house.

So now as soon as these pretty ladies enter the pool, the Indiawale contestants gathers around the pool. The sitting area near the pool was surrounded by Navin, Manveer, Swami Ji and Manu Punjabi who is also engaged outside the house looked very keenly at the pretty ladies who were relaxing in the pool.

But, it all ended on a sad note when Mona scratched her skin while getting out of the pool and it was seen that as she goes inside the bathroom area to change, she put up a bandage on her scratched skin. Poor Mona Lisa! BDW do you know once again Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan will be seen together in Bigg Boss 10.

Lopamudra Raut and Mona Lisa Biswas takes a dip in the swimming pool with their sexy bikinis on and everyone in the house just can’t stop staring at them.

Very hot Lopamudra Raut and the beautiful Mona Lisa Biswas takes a dip in the swimming pool with their sexy bikinis on but, after the left the pool Navin Prakash was seen discussing with Nitibha Kaul about the pool incident. They were seen discussing Lopa and Mona’s choice of swimwear and reaction of guys from BB house towards it but while discussing this we saw Nitibha defending the ladies by saying it was their choice to wear whatever they like and whatever they are comfortable in.

The two ladies are totally turning up the heat inside Bigg Boss house –

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