Lopamudra And VJ Bani Has To Do Something Unexpected To Meet Their Loved Ones!

Keeping all the fights, drama apart in Bigg Boss 10 house “Family App” task is going on. The housemates got a chance to meet their loved ones after which they feel relief. Almost 10 weeks are finished to Bigg Boss show and all the contestants are away from their family members. After a long time, contestants got the chance to meet their family members or friends through the task given by Bigg Boss, the “Family App” task. Manu and Swami Ji are the batteries and others got the chance to meet their loved ones.

Priyanka Jagga got the first chance to meet her kids there she spends 60% of battery. She meets her kids for full 10 minutes. Gaurav Chopra meets his brother in the confession room and Monalisa meets his boyfriend Vikrant in the house. For Monalisa, Manu and Swami Ji sacrificed the use of Luxury Budget things in the house. Because there was less battery to meet vikrant.

Now, we need to see in tonight’s episode what happens when Bani needs the battery to meet Gauhar Khan. Even Lopa got the chance to meet her sister but there was no sufficient battery. BB told Bani and Lopa if they want to meet their loved ones then they had to something unexpected to recharge the battery.

Lopamudra and Bani had to convince Manu and Swami To Nominate themselves in order to recharge the battery.

Bigg Boss tells Bani and Lopa to request Swami Ji and Manu to nominate themselves to recharge the battery. We reveal, first Manu and Swami Ji did not agree to nominate themselves. Both of them straight refused to do that but after some time something shocking happened.

According to Manu’s nature, we can say he will agree to nominate himself but what about Swami Ji. It’s unbelievable, Swami Ji and Manu both agree’s to nominate themselves. Now Lopamudra Raut and VJ Bani got the chance to meet their loved ones. VJ Bani meets Gauhar Khan and Lopa meets her sister. For the first time, all the housemates are happy with what Swami has done for Lopa and Bani.

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