While National Holidays are most awaited some of them are even observed as Dry Days, making us want to chuck them off from the calendar. On these not-so-special holidays, the shutters of the alcohol shops are forced to shut and even the sight of alcohol is far-fetched. Who wouldn’t want such a holiday to pass away sooner?

In India, there is a lot of negative connotations associated with alcohol consumption. Drinking alcohol is looked down at society and still remains a social taboo in most places. In earlier days, even eminent Historians preached the citizens to shun alcohol.

Therefore owing to religious and historical inclinations, Indians are frowned upon drinking. The Government has labeled special national holidays as dry days wherein publically serving alcohol in any form is strictly prohibited.

Sigh! Not that we encourage drinking practice, yet when taken in moderation it does no harm. Drinking is just a part of the celebrations and a reason to bond with friends. You do not have to come up with social reforms to abolish the system of declaring dry days, simply keep this list of dry days in 2018 handy and spare yourself all the hassle. Knowing these dates in advance will help you to stock up on your alcohol so you do not just have to sit back gloomily. Here you go.


Dry day in January 2018



Dry day in February 2018


Dry day in March 2018


Dry day in may 2018


Dry day in July 2018


Dry day in August 2018


Dry day in September 2018


Dry day in october 2018


Dry day in November 2018

These were the gazetted holidays that were declared as dry days by the government of India.

However, you should be aware that there are cities and states across India that turn dry during election days.