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Kolkata’s restaurant ‘Mocambo’ denies entry to a Driver, says ‘We Don’t Allow Roadside People’

Mocambo is the most famous and oldest restaurant of Kolkata, but recently this famous restaurant faced some negative views as on Friday evening Dilashi Hemnani, who is a Marketing Manager at Tata Motors decided to treat her honest driver at Mocambo but when she entered with her driver, the restaurant staff denied her entry by saying ‘We Don’t Allow Roadside People’. Even after having an argument with the waiters and managers of the restaurant, Dilashi Hemnani failed to obtain permission to enter with her driver.

It all started when first Hemnani was asked to wait for 15 minutes for her to enter but, a little later, she was told that it would take at least 45 minutes to clear the table. Hemnani and Manish kept waiting. Later, a restaurant staff told Hemnani that the driver was not dressed properly so they cannot provide them with the table. On hearing this Hemnani responded that Mocambo had no dress code. At which point, they accused Manish of being drunk and refused to serve him.

After which Dilashi Hemani took it to social media to talk about what exactly happened with her and she said she found the restaurant to be racist. The post has gone viral on the internet with many people criticizing what they did and demanding an apology from the management for their offensive behavior.


DIlashi Hemnani was supposed to leave Kolkata on Saturday and wanted to treat Driver “Manish bhaiya” in Mocambo as he served her family for years.

After receiving negative reactions on their Facebook Page, they respond to the incident in the interview with The Huffington and said “WE DON’T HAVE A DRESS CODE. BUT, IF SOMEONE IS DIRTILY CLOTHED, WE WON’T ALLOW THEM. HE WAS A DRIVER, HE LOOKED DIRTY.”

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After hearing to their statements, people started rating them 1 out of 5 on their Facebook page. But the European restaurant Mocambo is still reacting strongly and replying with the same reason. The rating of Mocambo has fallen from 4.5 to 1.8 in Zomato with the mass negative rating from the users following the Mocambo incident.

See the reviews given by people on Mocambo –

Source : IndiaTimes

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