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Kolkata flyover collapses, 10 dead, buses with passengers trapped.

An under-construction bridge today collapsed in North Kolkata near Ganesh Talkies in Girish Park. The bridge fell in broad daylight at around 12:47 PM. At least 60 construction workers are reportedly trapped beneath the debris, 10 people are feared to be dead and nearly 150 people are believed to be trapped under the debris. Kolkata Police and Fire brigade squad have arrived at the scene to undertake relief and rescue operations.

Witness said they heard a loud explosion and then a crashing sound. A cloud of smoke emerged from the collapse. According to ANI, at least 10 people were killed. The death toll may rise. Visuals emerging from the location show huge amounts of tangled metal and concrete. There was also a fire reported under the bridge. The fire has been linked to fuel tanks that were under the bridge.

Minister for Disaster Management Javed Khan said that about 20 to 35 people are injured in the collapse. He, however, couldn’t confirm the number of deaths.


This Monumental tragedy in Kolkata sent shivers down my spine.

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