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Kolkata Chaiwala Made A Fake Profile On Matrimonial Site And Blackmailed A Mumbai Girl!

In Kolkata, a 30-year-old tea seller is arrested by the Powai police. Chaiwala made a fake account on the matrimonial…

By Administrator in News on January 30, 2017

In Kolkata, a 30-year-old tea seller is arrested by the Powai police. Chaiwala made a fake account on the matrimonial site and forced the 27-year-old lady to be in a relationship. Gaurav Shaw made the fake identity of a graduate handling his father’s business. A woman who is working in Mumbai contacted him after going through his profile. Then both of them met each other. After sometimes women got a shock as she got to know that he is not a young businessman but a tea seller at the stall at Dum Dum station.
In July 2016, Gaurav Shaw made a profile on the matrimonial site. They met in July, then the women added him on Facebook and Whatsapp. The friendship turned into love and decided to get married. In December Gaurav came to Mumbai and met her and said a story. He belonged to a rich family, they live a royal life in Kolkata, and there is a huge bungalow in Andheri. They even have a chartered plane.

As the time passed, the women started noticing how Gaurav lied about some things then she decided to go through his background. She searched him on Social media and tried to get information about him but she failed.
Then she started avoiding Gaurav. Shaw didn’t allow her to leave him and he began blackmailing the women. Gaurav was having some of their pictures, and he also shot a nude video of her. When they used to talk on Skype, he had shot the video. Then he threatened her and said if she stops getting physical with him then he will upload this video on Internet. But even the women was strong she did not stay quite, she filed a case against him on 12th December in Powai police station.
In her complaint, she said, “Shaw approached me with a marriage proposal and gained my trust by claiming to belong to a leading business family of Kolkata. He even claimed to own a flat in Powai. He frequently met me between October and December and captured my video on Skype. When I stumbled upon his real business, he began to blackmail me by threatening to circulate the video online.”
Police looked for him and stated he was a tea seller, and his father was a wholesaler of soap. In investigation the police officer said,“After receiving the complaint, we registered an FIR against Shaw under sections 417 (cheating), 354 (criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty), 354c (capturing the image of a woman engaging in a private act) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code, and arrested him from Kolkata.
The two were in touch since July 2016. After she had found out that he had cheated her with false information, she started ignoring him. Shaw, however, kept harassing her. That’s when she approached us.”

Guys be careful when you are using such sites.

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