An engineering student from Kochi sold off his rights to to an unknown buyer for Rs 47000 (700$), which he later realized was none other but Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg. Amal Augustine is prone to register domain names he believes will hold significant value in the future.

And it was on the same line of thought that he registered the domain last year, right after Zuckerberg named his daughter Maxime Chan Zuckerberg.

Recently, when web domain trading company GoDaddy, sent an email to Augustine, asking if he was willing to sell the domain he agreed and only demanded Rs 47,000 (700$) for it. Later, did it dawn on him that the purchase was made by ICONIQ capital, the company that handles Mark Zuckerberg’s assets.

However, given GoDaddy’s policies prevent any form of negotiation in domain name sales, the realization had no monetary benefit for the cyber-squatter.

On the other hand, Zuckerberg, got the domain he wanted at a pretty sweet price.

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