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Kind Gesture! Sushma Swaraj helps a senior parents to get passport for their disable daughter.

External Minister Sushma Swaraj has earned a lot of reputation and respect being the most sensitive and active minister who…

By Administrator in News on January 25, 2017

External Minister Sushma Swaraj has earned a lot of reputation and respect being the most sensitive and active minister who is always ready to help people in need from the people who are harassed to anyone stuck in some or the other situation. She is one of the few minister who the Government of India who powerfully uses social media to get things done for the millions of needy people around the globe like getting visas, or passports etc.
Though the government is trying to make the process easier introducing many new steps including use of online platforms, issues to crop up thing that we feel its just dragging us up with illogical requirements like asking women to give an identity proof o aadhar card or asking differently-abled people to be present at a passport office even if they are 90 percent disabled. Heart-wrenching appeal of parents of two disabled daughters, one who 90 percent disabled and other with 72 percent disability, thankfully got a listener in Sushma Swaraj who acted promptly, like she has always done in most of the cases.
Subbalakshmi and R S Rallapalli parents of the daughters who are differently-abled appealed to Sushma Swaraj saying that they are taking care of their daughters from past 40 years and but now age is not on their side and they want to send their daughter to their sons who stays in UK and Canada. They also appealed on and so far thousands of people have signed of not able to apply for the passport because of the differently abled daughter due to which they cannot take bus or train as the passport office is 110 km from their house and their age also doesn’t permit them to make their daughter travel. They have also submitted one daughter’s disability certificate. Sushma Swaraj acknowledge the petition and asked for their contact details and address.

Sushma Swaraj then told the couple not to worry and the daughter do not have to go anywhere and the passport will reach your place.

While responding to the kind gesture of the minister the couple says that they are grateful and they are happy that they have such helping minister. They also thanked the people who signed the petition. They are overjoyed and said they the process for heir daughter passport has started.

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