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Kim Kardashian Robbed Of Millions On Gunpoint During Fashion Week In Paris

Kim Kardashian who is well known for breaking the internet with her nude pictures has been robbed in Paris by two…

By Administrator in Hollywood on October 4, 2016

Kim Kardashian who is well known for breaking the internet with her nude pictures has been robbed in Paris by two men who were dressed like a police officers. She was robbed at gunpoint at a luxury residence which the celebrity rented. The gang stole jewellery worth of €10 million as per reports by ENews.

On Monday Kim Kardashian left Fashion Week reception at midnight. Even her sister Kourtney Kardashian was present and they posed for media who were waiting outside. Then they went in car with bodyguard and went off and she was robbed just after two hours leaving the Fashion week. The officers says Kardashian was alone in the apartment. The robbers stole one of her rings which was worth an estimated $4.9 million and they even got their hands on a jewelry box which is worth an estimated $5.6 million. Recently Kim also uploaded a pic of diamond ring which was gifted by her husband.

Kim told to the police that robbers just knew french and they were not able to communicate in English. She even said that one robber entered through the door and the second with a police hat from another door. Kim was lying on the bed as she saw them she went down the bed and was trying to call her Bodyguard but she couldn’t because robbers took her cell phone. Kim also added that one man tied her hands and another pulled her legs and they wanted that she should believe that they are going to rape her. They tied her legs and hands and left her in bathroom.

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As per the news the officers says that there were five men who were wearing police jackets. They forced the security to show them where the Kim Kardashian room is. They went in and robbed all of her jewellery even her diamond ring which is worth of €4m. Her bodyguard came when robbers just left. They went on bicycles. The whole robbery just took six minutes. Robbers took Jewellery and everything worth of €10 million.

She was in the Hotel de Pourtalès. This hotel doesn’t have any website. Her son and daughter were not with her in the room. Her sister was staying in different hotel. Kim’s husband Kanye West was having a show when this incident took place. Kim came to Paris for fashion week with her sister and mother Kris Jenner.

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