This video from China which has gone viral on the internet for all the bad reasons shows a two-year-old Kid falls From moving Car on a busy highway. The video was taken by a person in the car behind the car. The car’s back door opens and the child falls out. The toddler runs behind the car, which is driven by its grandfather, moves on without noticing the mishap. The child was lucky as there was no vehicle tailing the car.

The poor little kid was dazed at first, and when he figured out he’s about to be left behind made a heartbreaking attempt at catching up with the car. The driver whose dashboard camera recorded the event scooped the boy out of harm’s way. Another driver managed to get the boy’s grandfather to stop and turn around. Grandfather explained that a rear end collision days earlier had broken the latch of the van. The toddler had been sitting in a passenger seat, but had climbed back into the trunk area. His grandfather was unaware that the little boy had managed to hit the lift gate and tumble on to the street.

Grandfather reunited with his grandson by the helpful passerby who rescued the boy from busy traffic. The video has since gone viral, with many commentators wondering why the child was not in a car seat. Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time a dash-cam has caught a kid falling out of a moving car. The parents in this video, however, realized almost immediately that something was wrong and went back to retrieve their child.

Check out the video “Kid falls From moving Car on busy highway”: