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Kerala Girls Showing Up Wearing Lungi At College To Protest Against Ban On Jeans Is A Fake News!

A picture of group of college girls clad in lungis has been doing rounds on social media. The people sharing the photo are saying that it was a objection by a group of college girls after the college in Kerala banned wearing jeans. But the reality behind the photo is different. Though the photo is a real one, the rumors surrounding it are not authentic. News that was trending on Twitter over the weekend with even some celebrities tweeted their support of it, but it has turned out that the image that was driving the ‘news’ is fake.

The same photo had gone viral in 2015 when Mahesh Babu starrer Telugu movie ‘Srimanthudu’ released, in which the actor surprised fans with his “lungi”-clad. The movie was accepted well by the audience in the U.S., and reports had it that Indian-origin girls settled abroad posed for the viral photo after Mahesh became a trendsetter in the country.

The most possible explanation comes from stray comments which say the girls wearing lungi photo was probably from a college dance programme. It can also be probably traced to any college in India, not just Kerala. But Kerala girls have in the past burnt the Internet by stepping out in lungis.

Image Source: munsif.tv

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