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Kerala’s Sports Minister Jayarajan Thinks Muhammad Ali Was A Sports Star From India, Gets Trolled!

Kerala sports minister EP Jayarajan has become a trending topic on social media after a video, in which he pays…

By Administrator in News on June 6, 2016

Kerala sports minister EP Jayarajan has become a trending topic on social media after a video, in which he pays tribute to the legendary American boxer Muhammad Ali, went viral on Saturday, June 4. The minister has been trolled on social media for calling the late boxer “the pride of Kerala, who had won gold medals for the state” in the video.

EP Jayarajan told a local TV channel, “Ali was an eminent sports personality of Kerala and is one who has won a gold medal thereby raising Kerala’s position in the world.”

The quick thinking anchor cut the audio of the minister before he could make any more mistake but the minister has already become the target of trolls on social media.

There was another similar instance on Twitter when an Muhammad Ali for a footballer, Anadita Patel, who was trending all over for her tweet.

“RIP Mohammed Ali. The best footballer of all time better than Ronaldo Maradona and Messi”, even as people were mourning all over the internet, tweeted on Sunday, “To Every1, I mistake Pele with Ali.They almost same.And you all make fun of me and call me dumb.I no change for u All.”


The sports minister EP Jayarajan, in turn, has put the blame on the TV reporter who sought his reaction. “While I was rushing for a function, I was called by the channel for my comment. They didn’t brief me properly. I was under the impression that the dead Muhammad Ali was a Kerala sports man. For a moment my memory didn’t work. In such situations, channels properly brief ministers. It did not happen my case. I hope people in Kerala and the sports world would realise it. But I admit that mistake is a mistake,” the minister’s Facebook post reads.

It was then that the news anchor realised that the minister had completely got it wrong and she cut the broadcast in between. But the minister’s hilarious comments were sufficient to be trolled on social media. One comment on social media read. “Had not the anchor intervened, the minister would have announced an ex-gratia payment of Rs.5 lakh and a state government job for Ali’s daughter.”

Kerala sports minister E P Jayarajan said Muhammed Ali was a ‘great sportsman from Kerala’.

Image Source: scroll.in

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