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Kerala: A Boy Tries To Burn The 20-Year-Old Girl When She Was In College

In Kerela’s Kottayam town, a boy has set fire on the 20-year-old medical student. The boy was the girl’s boyfriend, and her name is Laxmi. This incident took place on Wednesday morning, Laxmi was sitting in the classroom of School of Medical Education with her classmates.  There that boy came and poured kerosene on her, as soon as he took out lighter Laxmi ran out of the class but he followed her then he set fire on Laxmi and fired himself too.
According to the police, they have identified the man, and he is 26-year-old Adarsh Suneeran. He is from Neendakara in Kollam. He was the ex Physiotherapy student of the Gandhinagar Center of School of Medical Education (SME) Kottayam.
Laxmi is studying in the fourth year of physiotherapy; she is 21-year-old. The Kottayam Dr.  R P Renjin, RMO of GMC said the condition of Laxmi is very critical. She has suffered 65 percent burns.

This is the picture of Adarsh and Laxmi.

Kerala: A Boy Tries To Burn The 20-Year-Old Girl When She Was In College 1
The eyewitnesses were Laxmi’s friend Ashwin. According to Ashwin, Laxmi and Adarsh were in a relationship, but she broke up with him as her family refused to accept him. This did not go well with Adarsh, and he threatened her. Ashwin tried to save her but he couldn’t, he said, “The incident took place in just a few seconds. The girl tried to escape, but he followed her and lit her with a lighter.”
On that day only a few students were present because of Strike. The guards did not stop Adarsh to come inside the campus because of a day before he came for an exam. Adarsh set her on fire near the Library hall, and when he came in the campus, he was carrying the can of petrol.
Laxmi’s friends ho tried to save her have also suffered from injuries and they are admitted to GMC hospital. The Police of Gandhinagar has filed a case against Adarsh.

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