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Kashmir student Manan raises Pro-Pakistani slogans which creates clashes in Dehradun.

Jammu & Kashmir has always been a state with a tiff between the two countries trying to conquer it. India…

By Administrator in News on December 10, 2016

Jammu & Kashmir has always been a state with a tiff between the two countries trying to conquer it. India and Pakistan have been fighting for J&K since independence. Alleged Pro-Pakistan slogan raised by a student in Jammu & Kashmir led to clashes in Dehradun. Manan a student from CIMS College had a clash with a local student prompting the police to launch a probe into the incident.

Vijay, a student of a local college in Dehradun had clashes with Manan, on Monday, SSP Dehradun Sweetie Aggarwal said today. Vijay’s friend who had an allegiance to Bajrang Dal and did not belong to the college created a ruckus issue inflicting minor injuries on the campus. This happened on Tuesday on the college campus where a demonstration was held with Bajrang Dal flags, provoking stone pelting from inside the campus to outside the college.

No confirmation whether raising of pro-Pakistan slogan had triggered the tiff.

The Doiwala Police Station has three cases lodged in connection with the incident and investigations are on adding Manan’s mobile has also been seized, the police officer said. Director of the college has lodged a case against the ruckus, while the other case is lodged by Vijay against Manan. Allegiance to Bajrang Dal against Manan is the third case which is lodged. A pro-Pakistan incident raised of three cases instantly.

Uttarakhand Police has assured their Jammu and Kashmir incident of harassment on student issue will no be taken lightly and appropriate action would be taken from the Valley studying in Dehradun, a  report from Srinagar stated.

Jammu and Kashmir Police S. P. Vaid  with Director General of Police Uttarakhand and the incident are under their investigation.

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