Renowned filmmaker Karan Johar had shared the good news of becoming a father through surrogacy in February 2017. Karan has recently shared the picture of his kids with his mother, and it is way too adorable!

The picture is of his babies Yash and Roohi with Karan’s mom. Karan named his son as Yash (as his father’s name was Yash Johar), and has named his darling daughter as Roohi which comes out of his mother’s name HIROO. Karan has captioned the picture as, “Loves of my life!!!! My mom and my babies.”

Karan has made it clear in his biography, An Unsuitable Boy, that he wishes to be a father either by adoption or surrogacy,  and he went forward with surrogacy. The kids came into the world in February this year at Masrani hospital, Mumbai.

Karan had recently shared his ideas an view on parenting in the Vogue magazine where he stated that He has started accepting things the way they are.He is learning to go on with his fears, apprehensions, and insecurities that come along with being a parent. He is already dreaming about his kid’s first day of school, the first word they would speak and when they will address him.

He said that he everyday whispers PAPA into his kid’s ears as he is scared that they would speak the first word in Malayalam as all their nurses are from Kerela.