Kapil Sharma Talking About ‘Angrezipanti’ In This Latest Micromax ad Will Make You Proud Of Hindi Language

Comedy King Kapil Sharma‘s latest Micromax ad is now trending all over social media, all thanks to his take on ‘Angrezipanti’. Kapil Sharma, who is known for his hilarious English speaking skills, has now slammed people who flaunt their ‘Angrezipanti’ by criticising others for not knowing the language.

Kapil Sharma stood up for Indian languages in a video addressing how we owe it to our nation to take more pride in our own heritage and no longer judge a person based on his or her proficiency in the English language.

The ad is set in a studio where Kapil is seen as a hero fighting a zombie-like character. After the shot ends, an assistant director explains a scene and the expressions they want to the ‘zombieman’ in English. When the actor asks him to translate it in Hindi, this is what the assistant director says: “English nahi aati and you want to become an actor?’

Kapil Sharma highlights the importance of one’s own language in his latest Angrezipanti video.

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