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Kanpur man’s son dies on his shoulders after being denied hospital admission

In a shocking incident, A man lost his son on his shoulders after he was denied admission at the government hospital in Uttar Pradesh‘s Kanpur. The incident took place on Monday when 12-year-old boy Ansh, suffering from high fever, The father had to carry the son from hospital to hospital and the emergency section of government-run Lala Lajpat Rai hospital refused to admit the ailing kid in Kanpur, According to the Hindustan Times.

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Ansh father Sunil Kumar told ANI that he had to carry his son on his shoulders from hospital to hospital as they denied to provide medical facilities to his son. He had to wait for at least half an hour before the staff at LLR hospital denied admitting his son. after waiting, they asked Kumar to take his son to a children’s hospital. Kumar then rushed to the children’s hospital, carrying son on his shoulders.

Sunil Kumar said, “I begged doctors at the emergency ward to examine my son and admit him. My kid died because he didn’t get proper treatment, only junior doctors took a look at him.” reported by Times Now.

Sunil Kumar finally managed to take Ansh to the Hallet Hospital but the boy died on the way on his father’s shoulder. Doctors declared him dead on arrival. Kumar then took his son’s body on shoulder and walked home.

Sunil Kumar of Kanpur said that his son had high fever and he died because he was rejected admission in the emergency ward in a government hospital.

Last week, a tribal man in Odisha walked around 10 km carrying his wife’s body on his shoulder after he was denied an ambulance from the hospital authorities.

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Image Source: Twitter

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