Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union President Kanhaiya Kumar got a roaring hero’s welcome at JNU after returning back from Tihar jail. Students, faculty and other staff were in full force to welcome Kanhaiya, who was thrown into jail for two weeks on sedition charges.

Everyone roared azadi, which as Kanhaiya clarified later, was not from India but within India. The police ported him away from Tihar secretly, anxious not to create a media event.

Check Out Kanhaiya Kumar full speech at JNU after release from Tihar:




Kanhaiya Kumar’ clarified that azadi for them meant freedom within India not from it. He reiterated his faith in the constitution, spelt out the secular, egalitarian and socialist society it envisaged. He took on Modi, pointing at the PM’s Satya Meva Jayate tweet after the Smriti Irani’s aggressive speech in Parliament. Subtly pointing at his own release, Kanhaiya Kumar said he would also say Satya Meva Jayate.

Other highlights of his speech:

– Government’s cyber cell produces doctored videos if somebody tries to defy them
– We want ‘azadi’ from corruption and hunger
– Jawans are dying at borders, farmers are dying inside the nation