Kangana Ranaut Says She Was Threatened By Big People During Her Fight With Hrithik

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan’s fight is finished but Kangana once again opened up with that issue. In a recent interview with PTI Kangana has made some shocking revelation. Our Queen was called at Big people’s houses, and they told her if she opens her mouth, she and her career will be finished. The 29-Year-Old Kangana said that issue is now done and dusted and now it doesn’t hold any relevance.
Kangana’s exact words were, “I was called at big people’s houses. I was told if I open my mouth, I will be finished. But it doesn’t make any sense because that chapter is over for me. It is so done and dusted, and it doesn’t hold any relevance in today’s time.” Ranaut continued and said, “I had that (low) phase also, but it did not frighten or threaten me because I knew I was not doing anything wrong.”
Kangana Ranaut Says She Was Threatened By Big People During Her Fight With Hrithik 1
Kangana said I had a difficult time, but I was not afraid of that because I know I haven’t done anything wrong. Earlier there were reports that Hrithik Roshan and Kangana were in a relationship when they had a shoot of the movie ‘Krrish 3.’
This issue started between both of them when Kangana in an interview said “silly ex” to Hrithik. And this issue heated much when both of them sent the legal notice to each other.
Well, this revelation is quite shocking, and it will create a lot of buzz. It will be good to see how Hrithik response to this revelation made by Kangana.
At present Kangana is busy in promoting her upcoming movie Rangoon. Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are also there in this movie. Recently Hrithik was seen in movie Kaabil.

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