A statement on Nepotism made by Kangana Ranaut had heated up things between her and Karan Johar. Karan With Saif Ali Khan and Varun Dhawan made a sarcastic jibe against Ranaut at IIFA, which has lead to a whole new controversy in the B-town.


The trio did apologize to Kangana for their behavior by justifying themselves, but the queen of Bollywood seems to be hurt and has responded to Saif Ali Khan’s Apology through an open letter.

The Nazwaab Khan has stated in his apology that he respects Kangana immensely for all she has achieved in life. Saif said that despite having his parent’s name to support him, he too had an even beginning. He has a different stance on Nepotism and Kangana has her own stance. According to Saif, his parent’s established name and fame didn’t help him with an easy ride in Bollywood, as he has delivered a number of terrible movies for a long time.


Kangana has responded to Saif despite being hurt, through an open letter in her same outspoken and fearless way.

“I fail to understand how you can compare genetically hybrid racehorses to artists! Are you implying that artistic skills, hard-work, experience, concentration spans, enthusiasm, eagerness, discipline and love, can be inherited through family genes? If your point was true, I would be a farmer back home. I wonder which gene from my gene-pool gave me the keenness to observe my environment, and the dedication to interpret and pursue my interests.”

 “You are absolutely right – there is a lot of excitement and admiration for the lives of the rich and famous. So, should we make peace with nepotism? The ones who think it works for them can make peace with it. In my opinion, that is an extremely pessimistic attitude for a Third World country, where many people don’t have access to food, shelter, clothing, and education. The world is not an ideal place, and it might never be. That is why we have the industry of arts. In a way, we are the flag bearers of hope.”

 “You also spoke of eugenics – which means controlled breeding of the human race. So far, I believe that the human race hasn’t found the DNA that can pass on greatness and excellence. If it had, we would’ve loved to repeat the greatness of Einstein, Da Vinci, Shakespeare, Vivekananda, Stephen Hawking, Terence Tao, Daniel Day-Lewis, or Gerhard Richter.”

If we take a look into Bollywood, Kangana is nowhere wrong! The way she speaks about what she feels is uneven makes her the real Queen of Bollywood.