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Kamaal R Khan Calls Actor Pawan Kalyan A Joker And A Cartoon!!

Kamaal Rashid Khan is  one of the famous and Controversial actor, director and writer in Bollywood industry. Kamaal Rashid Khan is popularly…

By Administrator in Bollywood Featured on March 18, 2016

Kamaal Rashid Khan is  one of the famous and Controversial actor, director and writer in Bollywood industry. Kamaal Rashid Khan is popularly known as KRK will always make headlines for the wrong actions. KRK is more famous for his critical comments over heroes directors and heroines than his movies. Now the latest controversy created by Kamaal Rashid Khan is commenting on Tollywood  actor, director Pawan Kalyan. Kamaal Rashid Khan Called Pawan Kalyan  A Joker And A Cartoon.

Kamaal Rashid Khan has shown his dissension side by tweeting against actor Pawan Kalyan a short while ago on Twitter. However, the reason behind why Kamaal tweeted against Pawan Kalyan with most abusive language but Pawan Kalyan is fuming in anger.  Kamaal Rashid Khan has made comments on “Sardaar Gabbar Singh” and Pawan Kalyan this morning and created a huge controversy. He tweeted continuously about Pawan Kalyan and how South Indian people like him.

It seems Kamaal even does not know Pawan Kalyan’s name. He specified Pawan Kalyan Singh in one of his tweets. Even without knowing Pawan Kalyan’s name and stardom, he is making unnecessary comments for the sake of free publicity. Earlier too, he made abusive comments on many star actors. If the fans of Pawan Kalyan accept this, then there will be no problem for KRK but if the fans of Pawan Kalyan react to the comments, then KRK might fall into trouble.

Pawan Kalyan’s most awaited movie, Sardaar Gabbar Singh is said to come up with its Audio launch on march 20th, 2016. Currently, Gabbar Singh 2 team which is at a fast pace in its shooting has revealed the audio release date which is as per the latest reports and “Sardaar Gabbar Singh” is getting ready to release in Telugu and Hindi languages at a time on April 8th.


Kamaal Rashid Khan Tweets:

“ If this Lukkha Pawan Kalyan singh is also a hero then anybody in the world can be a super star.” , “What’s wrong with South Indian ppl? How can they watch this cartoon in the films as a hero? Really very bad choice!” , “I will prefer to watch Rajpal Yadav film instead of the joker, the cartoon, the Maha Sada Huwa hero, Pawan Kalyan”.




Kamaal Rashid Khan has the habit of going with scathing attacks on celebrities who are in the limelight. Now it was Pawan Kalyan, he tried to grab everyone’s attention by calling him a JOKER. Lets see what Ram Gopal Verma have to say about this !!

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