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Justin Bieber Banned In China

Justin Bieber Banned In China For Lifetime Over His Bad Behaviour

Canadian Singer Justin Bieber who has a huge fan following around the world, including countries like China. The sad news is now Justin Bieber won’t be able to perform live concerts in China. No more live shows of Justin in China as Chinese Government Bans the pop star because of his bad behaviour.

Nobody expected that JB would be banned in China for his bad behaviour, though China has not given a specific reason for doing this, and they had banned JB from the country for a lifetime.

No More Live Show Of Justin In China!

The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture gave a statement on its website, JB is in the news for doing all the wrong things. He was drunk and drove the racing car, Lamborghini. They also said that JB is a gifted singer but at the same time he is a controversial young foreign singer. A fan asked for an explanation on banning Justin in China, the bureau replied. As far as we know, he is always in a series of bad behaviour.

Justin Bieber Banned In China For Lifetime Over His Bad Behaviour 1

In 2013, when Justin went to China for his Believe he made headlines when his picture went viral. In the picture, we see JB was carried up by his bodyguards when visited the Great Wall Of China. He even posted a picture with Dalai Lama, the Nobel Peace Prize Winning monk. He is considered as a dangerous separatist by the country.

Justin Bieber Bad Behaviour

As a part of his Purpose tour in Asia, JB wasn’t allowed to perform in China in September.

The funny fact is, Justin is not only the celebrity who is banned from China. Even Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and Brad Pitt among others are also banned.

Well, Justin is one of the most loved singers and is also the most controversial artist. Justin has made headlines every now and then for some of the other reason. He created hoopla for lip-synching in India and then left the country on a planned date. Then literally sung blah-blah-blah because he didn’t know the lyrics of the song – Despacito. The cases like drunk driving, drag racing and peeing in public are not new and these have made an embarrassing controversy.

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